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Art by: Mark TedinView

Art by: Scott KirschnerView

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SCGCON Players' Cube [Pauper]
360 Card Vintage Cube
Designed byJParnell
Art by: Lars Grant-WestView

Art by: Eric FortuneView

haganbmj's Peasant Cube with Scans
505 Card Vintage Cube
Designed byhaganbmj
Art by: Jeff A. MengesView

Art by: Sean MurrayView

Art by: Igor KierylukView

Art by: Zoltan BorosView

Art by: Carl CritchlowView


3.1 Release
2/14/2020, 8:11:44 PM

Welcome back to another round of "What's new on Cube Cobra?", today we have some improvements to social features, the start of a new cube analytics page, and a sizable list of bugfixes. One major thing we noticed was Scryfall links to Cube Cobra card pages had been broken for non-english cards, so now you can use those links correctly from Scryfall. We're very excited to start working on an Analytics page rewrite, but there is still a lot more work I want to do with it to provide the best user experience. Please don't hesitate to give me all your feedback on this new page.

New Features:

  • Beginning of major analytics re-write. (Still very rough, so let us know what you like and don't like!)
  • Added settings to cubes, including options for default printing and status.
  • New social page to see followed users and cubes.
  • Profile pictures added. (you are an ambush viper right now)
  • Top cards use correct non-digital price.
  • Improved top cards performance.
  • Cards with proxied status no longer contribute to owned price.
  • All cards will now be displayed on top cards regardless of presence of data, but data may be blank.
  • Foil overlay tweaked per user feedback.
  • Added Commander as a cube type.
  • Non-english scryfall IDs now redirect to english version for card analytics.


  • Dates now sort chronologically instead of alphabetically.
  • Fixed an issue with cube overview image not being able to be set.
  • Fixed a bug where Cube Tags always reset to blank.
  • Fixed an issue where certain cube's overview would not load.
  • Fixed autocard on dashboard.
  • Fixed unlisted cubes displayed on profile page.
  • Fixed registration redirects.
  • Fixed an issue where using select all does not apply filter.
  • Fixed a warning in Cube Playtest Page.
  • Fixed custom draft format sorting issue.

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