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SCGCON Players' Cube [Pauper]
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SCGCON Players' Cube [Pauper]
360 Card Vintage Cube
Designed byJParnell
Art by: Lars Grant-WestView

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2.9 Release
1/17/2020, 10:25:55 PM

Ok, where to start? We have an absurd amount of bugfixes in this update, and several significant new features including maybeboard, filter syntax for custom draft formats, and a bunch of improvements to the deck view.

New Features:

  • Added cube Maybeboard
  • Custom draft formats can now be constructed with filter syntax
  • Added sideboard to draft deck view
  • Added commenting + comments section on decks
  • Added editable deck names and description
  • Several Performance improvements
  • Pagination for many pages of blog posts improved
  • Adjusted the column widths in draft view, allowing you to see 4 columns on smaller devices.
  • More columns in table view can now be viewed on mobile
  • Added compressed view, a toggle that allows the entire cube to be viewed on mobile in table view
  • Card links added to cards in deck page
  • Replaced mana symbols with higher-quality images
  • Added cube count to Top Cards view
  • Add Finish and Image URL to csv export format
  • Updated foil overlay finish to be more subtle


  • 45th card drafted will now correctly go into your pool
  • Revised cards/land/nonlands for deck counts
  • Fixed issue where you couldn't edit or delete custom formats
  • Fixed a bug where hitting tab in AutocompleteInput when no matches crashes
  • Added back scroll Area for cube changelist
  • User about page now respects newlines
  • Fixed removing/replacing for duplicate cards
  • Fixed an issue where duplicating decks crashed the analytics script
  • Fixed a bug where anonymous decks can't be rebuilt
  • Removed the number above the column during the draft when the column count is not greater than 0
  • Fixed an issue where users were being erroneously redirected to the long-ID page
  • Fixed an issue where draft decks can't be edited
  • Cube deletion no longer 404s, now goes to dashboard
  • Fixed a crash on Top Cards tags filter
  • Fixed a bug when updating cards with no finish
  • Fixed Microsoft Edge support (but you should still reconsider your choices)\
  • Fixed missing navigation bar in Overview on mobile
  • Fixed an issue where Add/replace invalid card name crashes
  • Fixed price and manacost type sort
  • Fixed an issue where dragging cards in draft/deck editor would instead drag the autocard image
  • Added back correct links to tokens on token pages
  • Fixed an issue where your cube overview would be displayed as 'undefined'
  • Fixed an issue where capitals in custom id cause links to break
  • Fixed an issue where switching view mode crashes
  • Fixed an issue where filter on top cards crashes
  • Added back Autocard in cube overview + blog posts
  • Fixed an issue where blogposts for cube updates are just displayed as 'undefined'
  • Fixed alert spacing on overview page
  • Fixed an issue where cube compare 'Enter' keypress causes crash
  • Fixed crash on playtest and deck view

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