Developer Blog

2.6 Release
11/22/2019, 5:23:31 PM

Tonight's update expands the social features added in the previous update even further. Notifications have been added, which makes commenting significantly more useful. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done to create the cohesive social functions we're looking for, so please don't hesitate with sharing any feedback you have. There are also some new tools for redrafting and rebuilding completed drafts. Please keep in mind drafts completed prior to this release will be unable to be redrafted. Unfortunately, anonymous users will no longer be able to build the decks they draft, due to a security exploit.

New Features:

  • Added Notifications for comments, replies, drafts, and follows.
  • Added Redrafts.
  • Added deck rebuilds.
  • Added ability to edit existing decks.
  • Added page where all old notifications can be viewed.
  • Added manacost type to filters, use 'is:hybrid' or 'is:phyrexian'
  • Added the Artist filter field.
  • Dev Blogs will now appear in your feed.
  • Added a max height to blog posts, with a scrollbar added.
  • Improved the cube preview on the dashboard. This will make it's way to other areas of the site in the future.
  • Added route for viewing single blog posts.
  • Updated Deck Previews per user feedback.
  • Half values now allowed for cmc filter.
  • Negative values now allowed for P/T filters.
  • Single character arguments now allowed for rarity filter ('r', 'u' etc).


  • Fixed a security issue where any user can edit any deck.
  • Activity Feed now shows the most recent posts, instead of the oldest post, sorted by recency.
  • 'Follow' button is no longer visible when logged out.
  • Toggling on "Explore" now shows the correct label
  • 'Turquoise' tag color fixed.
  • Not equal filter now works correctly from advanced filters modal.
  • Fixed issue where new cube modal would not be displayed correctly from the dashboard.
  • Removed the 'update' button when viewing another user's decks.

2.5 Release
11/9/2019, 12:38:30 AM

Today's update brings a lot of changes, and some features that have been asked for since we first launched. You'll likely immediately notice a new homepage, which now has a dashboard full of information catered towards you. This makes it easier to get to your cubes, and very easy to see playtest drafts done on your cube, and also adds a feed! You can now follow users and cubes, and any new blog posts will be added to your feed. You can also now comment on blog posts and reply to comments as well. We still have a lot of work to do with these social features. Notifications, for example, are scheduled for the next release, which will make commenting and replying much more useful than it's current state. Please don't hesitate to let me know what you like and don't like, so we can continue to improve your user experience!

New Features:

  • Added following, user dashboards and commenting
  • Improved deck previews
  • Autogenerated Cube previews now allow banned cards, so Treasure Cruise won't force your cube to be dubbed 'Vintage'
  • Added several missing tokens from token analysis
  • Draftbots slightly tweaked to encourage higher prioritization of cards not strictly on-color (this greatly impacts drafting lands)
  • Percentages added in Type Breakdown added
  • Added a button in the sample pack to generate a new pack
  • Added a link to drafter profiles on decks
  • RSS Feed now provides more content


  • Fixed an issue where the card preview border wouldn't hide correctly
  • 'OR' is no longer case sensitive in filter syntax
  • Typing in the Mana Cost field "{W}" now works correctly
  • 'Token' is no appended to tcgplayer search when no tcgplayer ID is known
  • Fixed a bug when a card had it's CMC overriden to '0'

With all these changes, we needed to tweak the RSS field route, so if you have been using RSS feeds for your cube, you'll need to re-setup the field by retrieving the URL again.

I also wanted to let Cube Cobra enthusiasts know that I will be attending SCGCon in Roanoke , VA. Come look for the strange looking man with a Cube Cobra playmat, and say hi! I'll be handing out Cube Cobra stickers (while supplies last), and playing as much cube as I can.

2.4 Release
10/25/2019, 9:21:08 PM

2.3 Release
10/13/2019, 6:36:53 PM

I feel I need to apologize for putting out this update late. Last week I was very sick with the flu, and that didn't give me a lot of time to make sure this update was up to quality, so I decided to postpone to now. You may have noticed significantly more downtime during the deployment of this update, and that's because we've switched to an improved, scalable server infrastructure. This will keep everything fast, despite more people trying to access the site. In addition to the infrastructure changes, we have a nice collection of new features to share.

New Features:

  • 'Top Cards' can now be accessed from About->Top Cards. Cards are rated based on draft data
  • 'Featured Cubes' section added to homepage. We will use this section to show off some extra special cubes!
  • Cards can now be middle clicked to bring up the TCGPlayer page
  • Line breaks are now allowed in blog posts
  • Added RSS feeds for cubes. Links can be found underneath the cube image, under cube overview
  • Added an API to fetch cube lists. If you're interested in integrating, PM Dekkaru on the Cube Cobra Discord server
  • Add CSRF protection. This makes our site more secure against attackers!


  • Removed duplicate tag suggestions
  • Fixed issue with Listview crashing, related to changing color identity or status
  • Fixed issue with advanced filter UI and filtering by status
  • Filter syntax is no longer case sensitive
  • Fixed tag color display in compare view
  • Issue fixed when time stamps are off by on month
  • Import from CSV now adds time stamps correctly
  • Fixed an issue with automatic blog post titles not being correct
  • Adding lands reset correctly now
  • Fixed issue with invalid color attributes with a csv import
  • Fixed several issues related to updated a group of cards
  • CMCs with large values, and fractional values, are now accounted for

2.2 Release
9/27/2019, 9:20:27 PM

On the eve of the Thrones of Eldraine pre-release, we have an update that brings many critical bug fixes, and a few nice quality of life improvements. This update may feel underwhelming after the previous update, as the previous one had added several large features. As exciting as that was, it also introduced a lot of bugs an unexpected behavior. A lot of this is in part due to us being in the middle of transitioning our front end to React, which will be a huge long-term improvement. Most of our changes have related to this switch, which won't have any functional change. In order to help prevent the introduction of new bugs, we've revised our internal development policies to mandate passing of extensive unit tests, instituted an informal verification checklist, and put in place a 'feature freeze' three days prior to our bi-weekly release. These policies are good news! It will greatly decrease the number of bugs that appear on the live server. Enough about the inner workings, let's get into what you came here for, the changes.

New Features:

  • List view will now sort alphabetically at the last level. the entire cube can be viewed alphabetically in list view by setting both sorts to 'Unsorted'.
  • Prices put outside of scrollable area for group select.
  • Added set filter.
  • List view mode added to URL, so you can share a specific when copy+pasting the url.
  • Sample pack now has an easy download for images.
  • Sample pack now has metadata so you can share the link to your generated pack on Twitter, and the image will be brought over with internet magic.
  • Cube menus refactored, some dropdowns added to make better use of space.
  • Added column counts to deck builder.

Bug fixes:

  • Blog posts with changelogs and content are split correctly again.
  • Issues with duplicate cards fixed.
  • 'Invalid' cards can now be removed
  • Custom format description displays correctly now.
  • Fixed link to TOS.
  • Custom draft now uses '*' correctly
  • Visual spoiler does not ignore sort anymore.
  • Filter + compare view fixed.
  • Fixed issue with tags + autocard.

2.1 Release
9/14/2019, 4:36:37 AM

We have a very exciting update to share with you today. Today's update marks the first of of our new update schedule, where we will aim to publish an update every two weeks, on friday. This one happens to contain several large features, including custom images, highlighting by tags, and a reworked filter!

New Features

  • Custom card image URLs supported
  • Card tags can be colored, and users can choose to have the colors reflected in cube view
  • New filter with very flexible functionality added
  • Added the ability for users to choose whether total cube price is shown
  • Several major UI improvements for mobile
  • Added metadata to more pages, sharing links will result in better previews
  • Collector's number added to .csv export
  • Added forge and xmage as supported export formats
  • Transform cards can have their flip side shown in context modal


  • Fixed issue related to cube deletion appearing to be succesful, but not deleting the cube
  • Fixed issue related to changing passwords
  • Fixed issue related to a bug with scryfall causing cubes to be unavailable

2.0 Release
9/5/2019, 2:41:59 AM

We have another exciting update ready for you today! You may have noticed some downtime tonight, that's because the big feature from this update is short URLs, so we needed to take the server down to update the database.

New Features:

  • Cube IDs are now signfiantly shorter. Almost all cubes will now be 2 digits, but new cubes will be 3 digits
  • Custom cube url aliases added
  • Persistent Authentication: users will no longer be logged out during crashes or downtime
  • Several minor improvements for viewing the site on mobile
  • Filtered cubes can now be shared, the filter is now stored in the url
  • Page titles are now named after the appropriate cube
  • Non-promotional, non-digital cards are now the default version
  • Increased pack size limit for playtest drafts


  • Fixed minor UI issues
  • Fixed new lines in cube posts
  • Bot draft decks style fixed
  • Correct metatags for twitter added

1.9 Hotfix
9/1/2019, 12:43:23 AM

We're rolling out this hotfix to patch some issues that have caused users to see frequent forced logouts. We also have had our contributors work on some features, so we've included those changes in this update as well.

New Features:

  • Cube can now be sorted and filtered by date added
  • Altered list view to better accomodate mobile devices


  • Fixed an issue that caused the draft to enter an error state, and force the user to logout
  • Fixed an issue with invalid card entry

1.9 Release
8/30/2019, 2:18:34 AM

It hasn't been long since our last update, but our contributors have been doing an amazing job. The highlight of this update is the highly demanded cube compare feature, but this update also provides several bugfixes and quality of life updates.

Here are the new features:

  • Added Cube Compare
  • Added sort/filter category for card prices
  • Improved sort order for types


  • Fixed an issue with custom draft formats not creating packs correctly
  • Fixed an issue with samplepack not generating correctly
  • Improved overall loading times
  • Fixed issue with split cards not being able to be added to cubes
  • Fixed issue with draft picks not registering correctly
  • Fixed an issue where CMC dividers would not be rendered correctly
  • Fixed mobile login issue
  • Fixed issue with some cubes not loading
  • Fixed issue with cube image selection autocomplete not working

Once again, I would like to say a special thank you to all of our contributors, our community is what makes Cube Cobra great! And I would also like to say thank you to all of our Patreon supporters. We recently upgraded the server, and we couldn't have done it without you. The community that we're growing is very special, and I feel very lucky to be a part of it.

1.8 Hotfix
8/27/2019, 12:58:24 AM

This update contains a few hotfixes for issues that were introduced with the 1.8 update. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you encounter any issues! Your feedback is what will continue to improve Cube Cobra!

  • Card preview no longer can clip the ceiling
  • Exploit related to deleting cubes removed
  • Clicking too fast through a draft no longer bugs the draft
  • CMC dividers with a filter render properly
  • Who//What//When//Where//Why now works properly
  • CSV export now correctly exports cards with quotes
  • Issue where some cubes could not be viewed fixed
  • Some issues related to mobile login fixed

Additionally, I forgot to mention a big feature rolled out in 1.8 in my previous blogpost: Sample packs! Check out and share sample packs of your cube!