Developer Blog

1.2 Release Hotfixes
7/16/2019, 6:58:09 PM

After yesterday's update, I've received overwhelming feedback and support. Thank you to everyone who reached out to me, you are truly helping make Cube Cobra a better platform!This update is primarily a hotfix to an issue with email authentication. Users who had issues with this should now be able to login. We are working hard at fixing the root cause, and we'll revert this change once it is working correctly again.

There are also several bugfixes I'm pushing out with this updates that have been reported by users including:

  • Advanced Search by users is now working correctly.
  • Conspiracies and Contraptions are sorted correctly now.
  • Editing the overview of your cube no longer gives an error about an invalid image.
  • Links to user's pages on their cubes are now working correctly.
  • Adding cards to cubes with accents is now working correctly.
  • File upload format is now more clear.
  • Color identity is a separate field that users can manipulate.
  • Filtering with only 'not' filters now works correctly.
  • Supertype and type are now separate fields.
  • Question Elemental can now be added to your cube.
  • Everythingamajig's multiple mana costs now work correctly.
  • Flip cards (e.g. Bushi Tenderfoot) can now be added to your cube correctly.

There are several feature requests I'll be working on getting out later this week, if possible. Keep track of updates on twitter and discord! Links are provided under 'contact', Thanks again for all the support!

1.2 Release
7/15/2019, 5:39:01 PM

This is a large update with several significant improvements to the cube list view. In addition to the improved features, we've also updated our contact email to, and that has been reflected site-wide.The major features are the following:

  • Cube List Sorting
  • Cube List Filtering
  • Card Tags
  • Card Context Menu

Cube List Sorting

Cubes can now be sorted with a very high degree of flexibility! Try it out on any cube, choose a primary and secondary sort to change how the cube is displayed.

Cube List Filtering

Cubes can now be filtered alongside the sorting. To sort a cube, click the filters tab and add filters. Keep in mind that Cube Cobra primarily uses a category called 'Color Category' where we separate out all monocolored cards, and group multicolored cards all together under one label.

Card Tags

Card tags are tools for the cube designer to organize their cube. Tags can be used for signifying things such as for archetypes, card status, or anything else you might want or need! Cubes can be sorted and filtered by tags.

Card Context Menu

The card context menu is a powerful and easy to use method for tagging cards, changing the status (owned/ordered/not owned) of a card, removing a card, and buying a card! Click on any card in a cube list to try it out! You can also click on the row-group headers to view a context menu for a group of sorted cards!

This update is an important milestone for Cube Cobra, as it adds the tools necessary to be a powerful cube management tool. The next set of features in the pipeline are related to drafting and deckbuilding. If you have any questions, or suggestions, feel free to reach out to:!

1.1 Release
6/26/2019, 5:22:09 PM

We now have a facebook page! Give it a like over at:

New Features:

  • Page does not redirect to home after logging in, will stay on same page.
  • Timestamp on blog posts is in a better format.
    'Recent Decks' is now sorted correctly.

1.0 Release
6/24/2019, 11:42:29 PM

With this current update, that's adding this Dev Blog, I've finished my list of features for a 1.0 release! Please let me know if you have any bugs, through the discord (best option) or through email. You can find this information on the about->contact Happy Cubing!